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The Fine Print

As with any training contract or agreement there are certain terms and conditions that apply.  Please read carefully.  Payment of training fees constitutes an agreement to these terms.


Holding of dates

Training dates are only guaranteed once payment for training has been received in full.  I will do my best to "hold" dates.  Any agreement to hold a date based on tentative items such as maintenance or pilot availability are subject to surrender.  Clients that send prompt payment will always take schedule priority.


Aircraft  Airworthiness

Please ensure the aircraft is in an airworthy condition and all participants are available as scheduled.  Training charges accrue at the full day rate despite weather or maintenance delays.  Training dates will NOT be guaranteed if an aircraft is in maintenance.  I have found it to be a waste of everyone's time to schedule training dates based on an assumption (shop promise) that an aircraft will be ready on a certain date.



Contact your insurance broker and have The Commander Guy LLC added to your policy as a "named" insured.  I will need a copy of the addition before training can begin.  Please include a letter waiving subrogation. 
These items should be emailed to


Completion Documents

A successful training event will include logbook endorsements for an IPC, BFR and signed certificate of completion.  These documents will not be issued until payment in full has been received and any outstanding instructor travel expesnses have been reimbursed.  Email all customer certificate numbers, cert level and desired spelling so that I can prepare completion docs before my arrival.

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